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  • Build Relationships

    Building Relationships can add a strategic alliance with other business, so you both can grow. Here are some tips:
    • It is easier to service an existing clien than look for new ones
    • Help others succeed and they will pull you up with them
    • Give more in value than you take in payment
    • Values should be your talk and walk - not a mission statement handing on your wall
    • Come from a heart centered place
    • Give without expecting anything in return
    • Pay your team well
    • Invest in your team
    • Show your appreciation to client and team
    • Choose happy clients and happy employees
    • The cost of a negative client is more than the payment
    • Be yourself
    • Be truthful
    • Do something worth talking about
    • Learn and adapt
  • Common Business Mistakes

    The most common mistakes business owners make
    Janet Slack and Life Adventure Coaching

    • Outsource business tasks where you can
    • Revisit your mission statement. Reminding yourself of why you're in business can help you find your joy again
    • Get new ideas by reading about how others combat burnout
    • Unplug whenever possible
    • Take the time to get organized
    • Practice saying "NO." Then say it
    • Build in downtime throughout your day
    • Make a list of your past successes and review it periodically
    • Give the "regular work hours" thing a try
    • Explore one of your interests. What have you always longed to learn or try?
    • Take a legitimate vacation or schedule a day off to play tourist in your own town
    • Take on a work project that challenges you to stretch. Sometimes, burnout = boredom
    • Re-examine your standards
    • Make sure you're getting enough quality sleep
    • Find a friend who's willing to make a regular date for coffee and conversation
    • Breathe and meditate daily
    • Check in with your own values. Are you still consistent with them?
    • Stop avoiding difficult conversations
    • Look for the humor in everyday situations
    • Volunteer for a cause you believe in
  • Marketing on a Shoestring

    Marketing on a Shoestring
    Complements of Asheville SCORE

    Business cards and brochures
    • Put a good photo on your business card
    • Use the backs of your business cards for advertising and promotions
    • Carry your business cards everywhere, all the time, and pass them out freely
    • Consider creating a one-panel color brochure rather than a tri-fold, black one
    Wearable promotions
    • Create a T-shirt! You can buy a pack of iron-on transfers at any office supply store, Design and print on your computer. Wear it!
    • Create a tote bag! Carry it everywhere!
    On the web
    • Get a website
    • Register a domain name. Skip the free hosting services
    • At the very least, get an e-mail account for your business
    • Make sure to add a signature line to all outgoing e-mails
    • Make sure to include your web address and/or e-mail address on everything you use in your business
    • If you have a product to sell, consider auctioning it on Etsy.
    On the phone
    • Always ask for your caller's first name. Use it during your conversation.
    • Ask every caller how they heard about you.
    • Always ask for the sale or the appointment.
    • Make sure your outgoing message on voice mail or your answering machine is professional and clear.
    Ads that work
    • Give people a reason to call you
    • Find your unique selling proposition
    • Be consistent with your ad's basic layout to make yourself recognizable
    • Opt to run a smaller ad several times rater than a larger ad once
    • Ask about different publication locations
    • Consider advertising in church publications
    • Proofread! Ask at least two friends to proofread your ad for you
    • Always ask to see the proof before a new ad runs
    • Send out press releases periodically
    Get organized
    • Collect pertinent data from each customer to determine where most of your business is coming from
    • Get a database program
    • Keep business cards of people you meet at networking events
    • Organize your email inbox into folders
    Keep your current customers/clients happy!
    • Ask for referrals
    • Send a thank-you when someone refers your services/products
    • Send birthday cards/holiday cards to your clients/customers
    • Make follow-up calls with new customers/clients
    • Treat every customer the way you like to be treated
    Keep in touch!
    • Send periodic newsletters to your database. Inform them of new products/promotions/specials
    • Cut down on postage by sending postcards instead of letters
    • Add a sign-up box to your website so that visitors can subscribe to your e-mail newsletter
    • Set a goal of going to at least one networking function each week
    • Check papers like the Mountain Xpress for networking events
    • Go to trade shows or Chamber of Commerce events
    • When writing your name tag, list your business at the top
    • Set a goal to make a certain number of new contacts at each event
    Give it away!
    • Donate products or services to charity auctions or business events
    • Offer free products or services to people who are likely to be good referral sources for you
    • Offer a price discount for your long-time clients
    • Volunteer your time. You'll be able to network with people you have something in common with
    Talk it up!
    • Have your "elevator speech" well-rehearsed and ready to go. Make it short and interesting
    • Offer to be the guest speaker at regular meetings of civic groups
    • Need practice with public speaking? Join Toastmasters
    • Teach a class or conduct workshop
    Get into the right frame of mind
    • Set small, manageable goals for yourself. Write them down!
    • Stay focused and keep a positive attitude
  • Stay Connected

    Stay Connected by Meredeth Elliott Powell

    13 ideas to stay connected to your top customers, so they stay connected to you. Customers want, expect and demand more value from their relationships. These changes mean customer contact, service and retention is more important than ever!

    So how do we stay in contact with our customers that often? How do we stay connected without being annoying? Here some ideas and suggestions:

    • Follow-up visit to give your client a copy of the "plan" you will be working on for them from this first meeting
    • Birthday card or Anniversary card celebrating the first day he/she becomes your client
    • One introduction to another business professional you feel it would benefit them to meet
    • One article or other information about their industry – changes/enhancements
    • One drop-in with doughnuts, cookies or something for the full team
    • One invitation to an event sponsored by your company, ball game, theatre, etc
    • One phone call just to check in and see how things are going and if they need anything
    • A business referral – call or send a note to let them know you sent business to them
    • Connection on Linked-In, Facebook, and/or Twitter – comment on their status
    • Newsletter or your company TIP information (done twice a year) with valuable information for clients
    • Invitation to a networking event they would be of benefit
    • Casual lunch, coffee – as for referrals and offer to send referrals to him/her
    • New Years Card – Celebrating another year of working together!
  • Steps to Upgrade your Business

    11 Steps to Upgrade your Buiness Sharon Oxendine Western Women's Business Center

    1. Pick up the phone and ask your customers what's important to them

    2. Differentiate your business

    3. Collabrate with a business partner. Someone who compliments your business

    4. Upgrade a skill and learn one new skill a month

    5. Start a newsletter

    6. Build client relationships by traeting them to lunch or coffee or customer appreciation day

    7. Automate any and all processes you can

    8. Do something green

    9. Declutter your workspace or computer's desktop

    10. Think outside the box in your marketing

    11. Network!

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  • Having recently experienced a transition within our organization; Wolfe Harbor was left searching for help. We found it with Katrina Bragg and the team at Task Mania. Their ability, professionalism, and project management style enabled our company to focus on our core competency while Task Mania handled our administrative list. In our particular case, we needed collateral materials, a PowerPoint presentation, financial spreadsheets, and content for our website. Our challenge was the short window of time. Task Mania was conscious of our overall goal and was able to finish all projects before our agreed upon deadline. She followed up with us to make sure everything was functioning correctly. I would like to personally thank Katrina and the team at Task Mania for a job well done.

    -Hunter Lanier


  • You were fabulous! All the files are labeled, in alphabetical order and in their proper drawer. I had to leave stuff scattered this morning just so I knew it was my office!! I cannot recommend you and your services more highly. You were professional, effective and great to have around. Everyone leaves some of their energy behind after a job, yours is still wafting as a summer breeze!

    -Grant Morrill


  • I highly recommend Katrina Bragg without qualification as an executive level administrative assistant. Since 2013, she's provided a stellar, high-touch point of contact my clients, and an indispensable resource for me. She offers effortless professionalism, both in manner and appearance. Her skill set is exceptional, as is her ability to grasp situation specific nuances, use of business etiquette, ability to meet deadlines. Plus, I can always hear the smile in her voice. I consider Ms. Bragg to be a significant asset to my business.

    -Sherri McLendon
    Professional Moneta International