The Story of Task Mania

It started over 10 years ago with an idea. I was working for a company during a hiring freeze. Project were piling up, new ones with introduced and frustration began to build between employees. Everyone had ideas, but no one wanted to do the work necessary. My manager said, “I wish we could just hire someone to organize these files on the server.” The idea was born.

In 2006, I decided to enroll at AB-Tech choosing to earn an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. In my first year, I was asked to write a business plan as a class project. Have you ever tried to create a business plan without a business? Being, Ms Efficient, I looked for ways to create a business to make an A in my class! I heard Jill Sparks from the Small Business Center speak about the Student Business Incubator. It was a one-year extracurricular activity for students wishing to start a business. I worked hard during that first year to take my idea from imagination to a fully developed business plan. Just like that, Task Mania was a business!

The year flew by! Not only was I starting a new business, networking for the business, but I was involved with Phi Beta Lamba, a business organization for college students and Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two year colleges. And if that wasn’t enough, I was Treasurer for both organizations at the same time! Plus, homework, school work and kids. Whew!

A year later, I knew my business model was viable. I applied and was accepted into the Small Business Incubator program. Businesses who go through the two-year program make less costly mistakes than those without the support and the success rate is 87%. I took full advantage of the SBI offerings: advice from lawyers, accountants and marketers. Within the first 3 years, Task Mania was awarded the Fast Start award from the Small Business Center and the Sky High Growth award from the Asheville Chamber for achieving 3 consecutive years of double digit growth.

I credit the success of Task Mania to the Small Business Center Incubator.  I was very fortunate to be in the Incubator for 3 years! It was the best decision I made for the business.

We are thriving! The work of Task Mania has evolved since 2006 and is always preparing for the future with strategic planning, new hires, continuous improvements and technical training. It’s not just administrative support now, we have ventured into planning business events, creating follow up systems and customer retention programs.

See What Our Clients Think...

  • Having recently experienced a transition within our organization; Wolfe Harbor was left searching for help. We found it with Katrina Bragg and the team at Task Mania. Their ability, professionalism, and project management style enabled our company to focus on our core competency while Task Mania handled our administrative list. In our particular case, we needed collateral materials, a PowerPoint presentation, financial spreadsheets, and content for our website. Our challenge was the short window of time. Task Mania was conscious of our overall goal and was able to finish all projects before our agreed upon deadline. She followed up with us to make sure everything was functioning correctly. I would like to personally thank Katrina and the team at Task Mania for a job well done.

    -Hunter Lanier


  • You were fabulous! All the files are labeled, in alphabetical order and in their proper drawer. I had to leave stuff scattered this morning just so I knew it was my office!! I cannot recommend you and your services more highly. You were professional, effective and great to have around. Everyone leaves some of their energy behind after a job, yours is still wafting as a summer breeze!

    -Grant Morrill


  • I highly recommend Katrina Bragg without qualification as an executive level administrative assistant. Since 2013, she's provided a stellar, high-touch point of contact my clients, and an indispensable resource for me. She offers effortless professionalism, both in manner and appearance. Her skill set is exceptional, as is her ability to grasp situation specific nuances, use of business etiquette, ability to meet deadlines. Plus, I can always hear the smile in her voice. I consider Ms. Bragg to be a significant asset to my business.

    -Sherri McLendon
    Professional Moneta International