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Finishing Touches by Task Mania

The Finishing Touches document is a guide for your family in the event you are incapacitated, unable to speak      for yourself or upon your death. It provides an all in one place for your vital information and details about your business's day to day operations. This guide is created to help your family or friends navigate the closing of your business. This is only a guide and does NOT replace any legal document in place. The experience of creating a document like this one can be intense, but it comes with rewards. Your increased clarity and communications will help your loved ones close out your business with ease.

We are talking about the little things.  These little, unique things make you, well, YOU!  Give your family and friends the opportunity to celebrate your life by having most questions already answered. 


TOP 5 THINGS YOUR WILL DOES NOT COVER - This e-book is filled with information to help you get started on your end of life planning. 

CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED - If you are the best person to make decisions related to the dispensation of your daily life, you are in the right place.