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Finishing Touches by Task Mania

Will your business survive without you?

A good question, one many business owners and entrepreneurs think about. But the reality is that many of us put off doing the work required until tomorrow, then the day after that.

Pretty soon, we’re a decade or more into building a viable, living breathing business – that may not be able to survive without us.

That’s a Titanic disaster for anyone left behind to figure out what to do should the unthinkable occur. But a disaster like this one could be prevented with a living document which charts a clear course for the future. That’s why I’ve developed “Finishing Touches: A Plan for your Unfinished Business,” a highly customized process for creating an advance action plan for your business and tells your loved ones and staff what to do in the event of a life-altering accident, serious illness, or at end of life.

This 10-step process is for you if you are ready to:

  • Create a living document to establish and prioritize personal directives for management of each area of your business operations
  • Determine in advance your non-negotiables for the dispensation of your professional affairs
  • Document important value-driven or ethical considerations regarding your wishes
  • Establish the flow of information and resources so systems don’t break down if you are not there
  • Walk step by step through a process to organize key information needed during times of transition, crisis, or rapid change

Working together in a highly customized one-on-one format, we chart a step by step course to get you from start to finish quickly and decisively. You’ll be able to ensure the future direction of your business should the unexpected occur.

Even better? Our streamlined, detail-oriented process ensures that you get the focused results you need quickly and efficiently. You’ll still have all the time you need to keep the day-to-day operations of your business running smoothly.

 I’m ready! Let’s talk!